The story of Window of Opportunity

The Challenge
India is a country rich in cultural heritage. Many arts and crafts have been handed down from generation to generation, always creating an income. With the growing (economic) challenges for the needful of Indian society, and the disappearance of these important arts and crafts, this way of life and income is at risk of disappearing too.

By creating this (fundraising) platform Window of Opportunity, we aim to break the poverty cycle and preserve heritage skills and crafts. We strive to do this through a holistic approach, collaborating with the most vulnerable Indian communities.

Passing on Perspective
Progress is a movement toward a goal. The idea of progress can be defined as an important development or a change.
Today India faces twin catastrophes because of Covid-19: starvation because of job loss and the danger of the loss of Indian heritage arts and crafts. Without any governmental support for this particular group, artisans are now at the risk of poverty and the world with the threat of loss of their specific skills and crafts.

Window of Opportunity
The story of the ‘Jali Sutra’;
‘Sutra’ is a sacred thread or teaching or execution of an Indian ritual. ‘Jali’ is the Indian term for the latticed screen for windows in ancient Indian architecture.
We have established the concept of ‘Jali Sutra’ as a reminder that we must all keep looking for opportunities. Even if the opening seems small, light will shine through, creating a new perspective.

With the Jali Sutra as WindowOpp-token we create immediate relief for the Indian communities impacted by Covid-19. We continuously support and create progress in these communities, providing them with basic needs, making them self-sufficient by enabling them to sustain and preserve vital parts of the Indian heritage, craftsmanship and knowledge.

Join us in these efforts!

ActKeep the Window of Opportunity wide open by purchasing your WindowOpp-token.

Join and supportour mission through this visual reminder that everyone needs the opportunity to stay safe, clean and fed, and protect and preserve the rich history and skills of Indian heritage arts and crafts.

Break the cycle of poverty The local communities handcraft this WindowOpp-token so that they can sustain their own livelihood and get and stay out of poverty.