Collaboration with Paula

To provide our Window Dinner with real authentic recipes from India, we have teamed up with Paulami. Having lived in different states of India for the past 32 years, Paulami has become very interested in the Indian eating habits, cooking styles and ingredients used in the different regions.

She recently moved to the Netherlands and now she is spreading the roots of Indian food here. She inspires via Instagram, has written her first cookbook and organizes cooking workshops.

She shares delicious recipes on her instagram account @spcietripwithpaulami . In her cookbook The Bible of Indian Cuisine you will be introduced to exciting, varied and exotic flavors. Delicious authentic recipes from India that make you feel like you’re on the other side of the world. 

We are proud of this beautiful collaboration. Would you also like to get acquainted with Paulami’s recipes? Order a WindowOpp Dinner and enjoy a special evening with your loved ones. Or follow Paulami on Instagram and get to know the beauty of India.